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6.9 LBS

Height: 9.5"


Salt Lamps

Brought out of the Himalayan Salt Mines; salt has been known for its healing powers dating back thousands of years. Often Individuals suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses would be sent to live within the salt chambers of the mountains as a cure for their ailment. 

Salt inhalation therapy has also been used to boost overall respiratory strength and lung capacity. Studies from the 1800’s found that breathing pure, ionized (salted) air in salt mines could help reduce respiratory problems and the general irritation cause by smoking and air pollution.

Also Himalayan salt has been used as a cleansing agent against harmful organisms. In fact, it is a commonly used holistic health practice to help individuals with respiratory difficulties, and may even work better than some of the commonly prescribed options for these conditions.

Using a Himalayan salt lamp is believed to help people breathe better at night. It may also reduce or eliminate night coughs, snoring, and breath-related sleeping conditions. 

Our premium Himalayan Salt Lamps also come with a light dimmer which can control how bright the salt lamp will be.